18 Mar 2017

I followed .....

Mary Corbets tutorial to make this
Lacy buttonhole wheel eyelet
If you are interested here is the link:

I added it on the crazy quilt which has been on the wall
already quite some time

I like lace - and this one is made by machine - idea of
Karen Ruane in her Embroidery School

Sample-making - look at the toggles - one is made of lace
then the "bridge" with the letter S in cross stitch from an earlier
project - everything can find a place in such samples

I will still add something here and there -

Strips of paper embellished by machine with lace and stitches by hand

3 Mar 2017

Update of everything

Spring flowers from a friend - we had an eight-friends afternoon party
with coffee, tea, cake, sparkling wine and baked toasts 

Sample of the Embroidery School - with buttonholed loops and wrapped
threads, bullion knots and the never missing French knots

and this - embellished lace, gimp with bulllion knots, a square of 16 small
octagons, bumpy things and Suffolk puffs. Moreover a gimp snake.
The cross stich letters are from a previous project. 

And then in Frande ....
Much rain in two days and the meadows became lakes

A visitor in the "garden" - I want to be friends with her
but she is shy

and a pouch for battery chargers for our travels
from house to house.

No more uglgy plastic bags 

A wonder how I could find fabrics being far from my stashes - 
and not bad ones at all. I like it and DH will be happy using it.

21 Feb 2017

Working small

Paperball wraped with gimp -
In fact like a five legged embroidered three-dimensional spider 
I ordered gimp here: http://www.stef-francis.co.uk/ - 
it is a viscose wrapped thick cotton cord

The first one was not a great success - I did it twice
The second has a nice knot in the middle and is bedded in a silk cup 

calls it a little cabbage 

We learned how to stitch on silkpaper -
I embellished with French knots and added a piece of vintage lace

What I will do with those creations? I don't know - they willl probably be
in a kind of stitch diary - a book for reference - to look at and to enjoy.

19 Feb 2017


Finally enough place for needles
made of all sorts of scraps

When I started to try pulled threads i used an even weave fabric
which was no good, for the threads couldn't be pulled apart.
so I tossed it into the scrap box. From there I took it out two years later
to make something useful of it.

A pincushion embellished with vintage lace, bullion knots and flowery scraps.
      Christiane's quilt 2014

The pincushion

15 Feb 2017

The tower hexagons

In the shop they call the shqpe "POTC hexagons" - which means
Pachwork Of The Crosses -  but why?

I am counting - like Queenie - 38 pieces - how many I will make

I don't know yet. - I will make a table set. Nothing more.

And the class Embroidery School goes on. This is called cutwork -
the light blue part is cut out and replaced with the blue silk piece. 
Then embellished with all kinds of stitches:
laced buttonhole, French knots, bullion stitches, chain stitches - 
it will be a sample

12 Feb 2017

When I am not in our basis camp....

....then I am working such things in the evening
English paper piecing method, the slow way -
some people would glue it but I am sewing the fabric bits
onto thin cardboard with a few stitches.
The fabrics I chose are all about red.

----And what it means not to be in the basis camp...
my working place with internet is here.......
you are right: At MacDo's - where the coffee is not bad at all
and internet super fast.

I liked this tulip - a very close shot - though not
sharp at all - the iPhone can't do it better.  I wanted only
the tulip and nothing around it so I had to come very near it.
But it is the colour which delights me.
It is from DDL.

5 Feb 2017

After a long time ....

... posting again. 

I am taking a class with Karen Ruane "Embroidery School". Here is the link to her

We are stitching by hand but also by machine - FME - free machine embroidery.
I always liked to make holes and then surround them by buttonhole stitches.

French knots never fail to be applied - they are so decorative.

We can also play with paper strips - also fixed by FME
and overlayed with homemade lace

Fabric is a great theme, too. Hand sewn seams.
Embellishment with bullion knots and beads. 
Appliqued octagons - the English paper piecing comes in handy.

I surrounded them with rope stitch. If you would like to know how to
make rope stitch - here is the link to SharonB's stitch dictionary:

It is 1" in diameter

More embellishment - a fabric buttonhole and as a gag a little
square piece of lace on the point - from a secondhand shop in France.

A hexagon filled with silk with some beads and next to it
a little pocket - it is open on top

I embellished it later with bulllion and French knots.
You can find all those stitches in SharonB's stitch dictionary.

These silvery beads are called "smooth purl" - they come as a long string
and you cut them as short or long as you wish. Normally used for gold work.
I ordered them at 
(absolutely no affiliation).

This time it is the chain stitch which is framing the hexagon. 
I use fil à broder no. 16

A buttonholed loop which of course is never intended to 
be pulled over the square pearl-of-mother button

The embroidery school will still be running for 8 weeks - so there is
more to come.

23 Jan 2017

The end

I never showed you the sorrowfully looking prince
with his horse peacefully grassing

and look how the salad is blooming behind the castle

The little story booklet grew rather thick - it is lying on a 
vintage handkerchief of one of the two daughters of
my great-grandmother

to remind how everything began... with the sorceress.

Nearly the happy end of the story

They are dreaming of their future home - 
By the way it is the castle where my great-grandmother grew up - 
I am so hapy to be able to include it in my Stitching-a-Story-Book
I drew just the outlines.

I stitched the front of this old building
standing here in a birchwood with fantasy flowers
on grasland - made of silkpaper

Detail of the round frame of silk

Well, the horse legs are placed a bit awkward - could have been better
I saw it too late.

In the castle garden rapunzel salad started to grow

The happy dreaming couple with their two children

5 Jan 2017

Crocheting while waiting

I made one flower while waiting for my date with the orthopedist's
The second from the right is made of gold-metallic thread - a really
old one found in my mother's stashes of fantastic materials - she was
still crocheting in her 90ties

To demonstrate the size of the flower in two threads of perlé

The flowers are from the book below 
It is a wonderful book and even better is that I know the author - she is a very talented
and wonderful woman - living in a neighbouring little town called Weingarten and helping 
there in my favorite woolshop 

While I was waiting for DH to fetch me with the car 
I was looking around and shooting with my iPhone
It is Karlsruhe - our shopping and coffee-drinking town