14 Oct 2016

Stitching a Story - continuation 3

Walk through the woods to the tower - which hardly can be seen
Rapunzel wird zum im Wald  verborgenen Turm geführt 

Flowers sititched on felt 
Blumen auf dem Weg - auf Filz gestickt.
Lifting the machine stitched firtree a squirrel can be seen and berries
Die Tanne wurde mit dem Maschine auf Tyvek freihand gestickt

Ivy for the tower - doubled fabric surrounded with buttonhole stitches
Efeu aus doppeltem Stoff 
Reverse side - Rückseite der Efeublätter
Ivy on the tower - Efeu am Turm

Rapunzel is letting down her hair for the sorceress......

Continued ......

12 Oct 2016

Sun-MoonStars - 2

Two suns 

Zwei Sonnen

Die gelbe mit Knopflochstichen und Pistil Stichen umrandet
die rote mit Vorstichen festgehalten

The yellow sun - fixed with buttonhole and pistil stitches
On the yellow one running stitches in different colours.

Ein rope-stitch Stern- ein verdrehter Kettenstich (wie heisst der auf deutsch?)

A rope-stitch outlined star

Es ist überhaupt nicht schwierig, einen Fünfzacken-Stern zu zeichnen - ohne Zirkel - 
ohne männliche Hilfe - Mein Freihand-Stern - Ein Kreis - fünf Punkte darauf
verteilt anbringen und im Abstand von einigen cm auf einem  gedachten Kreis Punkte
zwischen den Kreispunkten kennzeichnen - Punkte mit geraden Linien verbinden - fertig.

No problem to design a five pointed star - thank you Jude. I made it free-hand --

This one below is needleturned - the points were difficult so I convered them with very
narrow satin stitches

Das ist der Zirkelstern -  die Kanten mit der Nadel auf die Rückseite
gedreht und mit Saumstichen festgehalten.
Die Ecken, ein Problem - also unter Satinstichen versteckt.

10 Oct 2016

Sun moon stars with Jude Hill and Stitching a Story

Jude Hill is offering her little SunMoonStar project.

5 years ago she had it also on her blog "Spirit Cloth". This one will not be the 
same - as she tells - because handsewn things will never be the same.
SunMoonStars ..... a nine-patch - 
I wonder what my way will be -
She is so kind to emphasize that we can copy her 

Ich mache mit bei Jude Hill's kleinem Projekt "SunMoonStars", 
das sie vor Jahren schon mal in ihrem Blog "Spirit cloth" gezeigt  hat.
Es wird nicht das gleiche sein, sagt sie, es ist jedesmal anders,
wenn man von Hand etwas näht.
Man soll sie ruhig kopieren, sagt sie grosszügigerweise.

Da brauchte ich jetzt dunkle Stoffe, am besten dunkelblau. Also überfärbte ich
mit Procion XP marineblau ein paar Läppchen.

I needed some dark fabric and dyed it with Procion XP blue - 
in fact overdyed some prints - I like how it came out.

Jude färbt mit selbst gezogenem Indigo aus ihrem Garten. 
Das kann ich leider nicht nachmachen.

Jude dyes with home grown indigo - I love this idea, too, I am not sure
it would grow in my gardens - and who would wait so long?

Meine "Sonnen" scheinen gleich unterzugehen - so rot sind sie -  mein Stoff
ist zu dünn und verzieht sich. (Ich habe nur eine kleine Auswahl hier in Frankreich)

My suns are of a very sunset-like colour - and the fabric is too thin -
not keeping the shape
Ein fünfzackiger Stern wird gezeichnet.

With the help of DH a five-pointed star came to life. 

Thoughts about moon shapes and choice of fabrics

Nebenher mache ich natürlich weiter bei Karen Ruane's "Stitching a Story"

This is running at the same time with Rapunzel - the Stitching a Story project 
which I am doing with Karen Ruane
Auf dieser Seite spriesst ein Baum im verbotenen Garten

A paper tree grew very fast in the forbidden garden

Eine kleine Spitzenprobe, die die Blumen auf dem Kleid der Zauberin
reflektieren soll. Oben rechts sieht man sie mit dem neugeborenen Kind im Arm
im Nebel verschwinden.

A lace pattern reflecting the rose-dress of the sorceress
Look at the sorceress on top of the photo - she is holding the promised baby
in her arms disappearing in the mists....
- I am still not sure what I will do with her. An empty cradle .....?

Rapunzels Kleid ist jetzt noch schöner und die Zauberin hat
Salat in ihrem Korb.
Das Mädchen ist hier 12 Jahre alt und wird von der Zauberin sehr geliebt.

First embellishment of Rapunzel's dress - I am sure it is made of silk
which speaks for the sorceress - The 12 year old girl is very well guarded - 
too well, as we will see soon. 

24 Sep 2016

Fillling the basket and encounter with sorceress

The future young father is climbing over the wall - to satisfy the hunger
of his pregnant woman - the basket is still empty
I stitched the basket on a background and cut it out

Sorceress came to her garden - flowers and salad everywhere
I added a train of lace fixed with French knots on her sleeve

Next thing was to add a little book - really little - three pages
with pattern from the story -

The pattern booklet 

The adventure will go on - the young man was allowed to fill his basket
as full as he could - but the price was high......

19 Sep 2016

In France .....

........ with ...... you guess
with Sharon and Jerry. Yes, Sharon of Pintangle and her husband.
Oh, we had a fun evening together with wine and lovely and interesting
chats - and a relatively early breakfast next morning with croissants and coffee.
Then we saw them off again at the station of Lure in Haute-Saône, France, and the train
came on time which surprised us. They started now their pilgrim's path (Jakobsweg)
in Spain.
You can see DH as a photo-taking shadow.
The fence in the background is ours and the house - an old farmhouse - too.
It is the playground of DH.

(Our computer and internet is working again. I could re-establish my blog again into the
shape of before - life without internet is half the fun!)

And what we did before:

Transport of the workbench from the Vosges into the playground of DH.

Grandson teaching grandma the how-to on the iPhone. We had two lovely days together 
before he started his travel through Germany and other European countries.

And off he goes.

9 Sep 2016

Stitching a Story

Dear Readers,
I changed my template because of difficulties with the size of my photos.
We have an issue with our Macbook Air - I use it normally to resize my
photos - but now I can't. So this was the solution. We even don't know if
it can be repaired - we have to wait - till our expert son solves the problem.

I enrolled in a workshop with Karen Ruan -  Stitching a Story - "work on your own*
I can at any time ask her questions and the answers are coming so fast - so the enthusiasm
is not interrupted. Here you can see more:

Now on the hunt of nice, really nice story books - 
I found two charming small books with very beautiful illustrations.
I decided to start with RAPUNZEL
It is a story first published by the Brothers Grimm and here related and illustrated
by the young Austrian author Eleni Livanios
RAPUNZEL@ellermann by Dressler Verlag GmbH, Hamburg
ISBN 978-3-7707-7588-0

If you don't know what is Rapunzel - it is this salad - Valerianella is its official Latin name

I use the first of those names - Ackersalat
See how many names exist only in Germanys different countries and
in German speaking countries:
Other names are Feldsalat, Nüssli, Weitere Bezeichnungen hierfür sind:
Ackersalat (in Schwaben), 
Mäuseöhrchensalat oder Mausohrsalat (EifelHunsrückSaarlandLuxemburg), 
Nüsschen (Waldecker LandNordhessen), Nüsslisalat oder Nüssler (Schweiz), 
Rawunze (Mittelhessen) und Rawinzchen (Schlotheim, Thüringen), 
Schafsmäuler bzw. Schoofsmeiala(Franken), Hasenöhrchen (Unterfranken), 
DöchderleSonnenwirbel bzw. Sunnewirbeli, Sonnewirbele (Baden), 
Ritscherli(Ortenau), Vogelsalat (Südtirol), Vogerlsalat (Österreich), 
Wingertsalat (Pfalz), Schmalzkraut (Hessisches Ried). (Wikipedia)

so first thing I did was a half-cover to protect the outside
and  overpainted the red label which was printed on the booklet.
My version of a plant of Valerianella - Ackersalat - salad from the acre.

The curtain was certainly a bit plain - that's why I added the
wonderfully tatted  lace-band - I assume my grandmother did it.
Such things were safely stored in my mother's stashes and now
in mine - hopefully those treasures will be passed on and on....
I thought there must be more curtain

Yes, that's it. Mysterious moving of the new curtain.

Here I am preparing lace with sorceress' hats, a sign that she is everywhere.
She is watching the young future father who he steals the salad from her garden. - 
I am not sure yet how to insert this element between the pages.
We will see.
Just stay tuned......

29 Aug 2016

Modern family

The funniest family photo since the invention of iPhones:

My goodness, we had fun! But sorry, DDL is missing - she had obligations at school 
that day as a teacher.
This afternoon - Monday - friends wil come to admire the new kitchen.
This cake will await them......

Now, you are maybe thinking it is burnt, too black, on top. Ok, maybe a little, it
is crocant, it is still good and with a little bit of sugar powder it won't be seen
anymore - I was writing to Diane in USA (🙋🏻) when the bell rang .... and so on.....

28 Aug 2016

New kitchen in old house and scraps into coiled fabric things

As you might probably know - we are renovating an old farmhouse
in France.
After the sleeping rooms and a little provisional bathroom it was 
time to think about the kitchen. This lasted about 8 months - the 
planning, the negociation with kirchen manufacturers and the praparation
of the space - which was mostly managed by DH, but also by our masons. 
Hurray -- finally I can cook like a modern houswife.
This is my preparing and cooking space. The dishwasher is on the right
of the hob.

The window is lookig to the street --
 next to it the coffee pad-machine and water cooker

The microwave and fridge - and an apple cake in preparation
and in the background DH painting a door.

Our sight when we sit at the table

Ikea chairs have been painted in red and I sewed a red table mat for the middle

Scraps in red 

I am using a polyurethan rope 4 mm, which I order online -
For sewing I am using a jeans needle - and I am having no problems at all - no 

Oh yes, not to forget the legs of the table - they were oak coloured and are looking nicer
in white.

Aha, and then I had a few meters left - of the first 100 meters -
and scraps anyway. and made this little bowl -

I have a friend in mind to whom I will give it.

I disguised the ending with some beads.

16 Aug 2016


Washing machine partly broken -
What a desaster when the machine doesn't spin. We hung it up over night - 
it was still wet in the morning. - Grandies playing Badmington.

11 Aug 2016

Holidays in the mountains in France

It is here where we are now - me mostly between the weeds
or inside the house chasing spiders and their webs - dusting - vacuuming

And this is my special joy to watch the hydrangeas
I am thankful for this bush - growing without much
care - it is covered with snow in winter .... but now it is in the sun warming up

Not so much about needlework - a little knitting.
The cardigan - which I am doing for the second time because of misfit -
internet is a catastrophy here - so I am sorry not to be able to read blogs.